Travel & Visa Assistance

It is important to be well-prepared while travelling abroad. It is critical to plan ahead of time and discover the most cost-effective path. We at Edwise understand the concerns of students who must travel overseas on their own. To aid parents and students, we not only help students with admissions for further studies, but we also make sure that they are aware of all the stages from the moment they receive their offer letter until they find housing. We assist with flight arrangements well in advance to allow for the best departure dates, routes, and savings. We assist you with selecting the best airline for excess baggage plans. Several international airlines have unique programmes for students, which our advisors can help you with.

  • Visa Assistance
  • Pre-Departure Guidance
  • Foreign Exchange Assistance
  • Application and Admission Assistance
  • Financial Aid
  • Travel Assistance

You Will Know

We assess different abilities which helps identify fields one will excel in.

Helps us identify the kind of activities and work one would like to do.

It involves multidimensional personality assessment that helps understand who one truly is, one's character traits, qualities and shortcomings.

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